Camping out of a 14 foot surfski?


Years ago I backpacked quite a bit, and was thrilled when I started canoe/kayak camping with all the extra room, especially since the weight didn’t matter as much in the boat as it did on the back!

I haven’t yet camped out of the new Stellar S14S or any of the other smaller skis that have hatches, so I loaded it up to see how it would fare.  As the pictures show, it will work great!



This is what fit in the rear hatch-sleeping bag, pillow, sleeping pad, clothes, coffee pot, water bladder and spare bladder, and cooler with food, drinks, and beer!


The front hatch is big enough for some food, water filter, stove and eating utensils, tent, and tarp.

With a little more careful packing I could easily get more items loaded.  The life jacket holds another 2L of water, camera, chapstick, snack, and cell phone.  The deck bungees behind the seat are still open for more gear as well.

Looking forward to actually taking her camping now!



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