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Garment Brilliance

One of my favorite pieces of winter gear deserves recognition.

I’ve paddled multiple times a week year round in southeast Virginia for almost three decades now.  Dressing right for paddling in winter is actually pretty easy.  What to wear after the paddle while standing around the launch enjoying a couple cold ones with the boys (and girls) is the challenge.

With the help of a neighbor who sews, I figured it out!  A robe!  But not a Wal-Mart robe, no, a tricked out badass mult-purpose garment!  From a distance, one  would even mistake me for a Jedi Knight!

But this is no costume, and its not just for looks.  Constructed entirely of wind-stopper fleece this keeps me warm in the worst of the worst.  It has doubled as a sleeping bag before.  And it has enough space for two people!

And notice the volume on the pockets.  With enough for six cans of your favorite beverage, this wearable drink transport system holds a 12-pack!  Of course you could otherwisen carry something useful like your phone, pistol, knife or a dachshund.

Paddlers, preppers, and all you other outdoors folks owe it to yourselves to get one of these in your kit.  You’ll be glad you did!